The Goods: Go Rainbow Brite With These Harlequin Hair Chalks

We may all want to while away the hours prancing from one sample sale to the next, or loading our virtual shopping carts with an entire season’s worth of new duds. Of course, real life (and even realer bank accounts) get in the way. The Goods, our new curated daily feature, delivers one standout steal hand-selected for your quick and easy shopping pleasure. Today’s find: The temporary hair color for chalking up your hair game.

hair chalkWe’ve professed our love for Chloe Norgaard and the Rainbow Brite hair cult before. But when it comes to actually reaching for the bleach bottle, it’s often a case of our eyes being bigger than our metaphorical balls.

Luckily there’s an alternative way to chalk up some extra points in your hair game. These kaleidoscopic sticks from Urban Outfitters give you a less permanent wash of color, and come without the need to fry your hair with peroxide beforehand. Use on wet or dry hair, light or dark, and apply with your choice of timid or fearless hand. Just don’t forget to Instagram the crap out of it when you’re done.

More goods to brighten your day below:

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Dan Abrams, Founder