Things We Can’t Afford: Breakfast (And Leather Goods) At Tiffany’s

Being invited to breakfast at Tiffany‘s is sort of like being invited to have tea with a head of state. It’s fancy and it’s probably only going to happen to you once (if it even happens at all), and because of that you don’t want to muck it up. So Wednesday morning, when we went to have pancakes at the Fifth Avenue flagship store of America’s most beloved luxury goods house, we put on our best behavior, our favorite loafers, and crossed our fingers in the hopes that we’d remember which knife we were supposed to use for butter.

Luckily, we didn’t have to use any butter (it was already mixed in with the maple syrup), so the only thing we had to do was enjoy our seasonal fruit cups and lobster tarts while Richard Lambertson and John Truex talked about their new collection of leather goods and accessories for Tiffany. And yes — Tiffany makes leather! The jewelry house bought the enterprising leather goods company owned by Lambertson and Truex — it was called, you guessed it, Lambertson Truex — in 2009, and folded the two men’s designs into their regular product line. Truex told us before we dug in that working at Tiffany has been an absolute dream. “When I get into my office at 9 am, all I have to do is design.” he said.

And focusing on just designing, instead of desiging and pricing and merchandising and shipping and everything else that comes with running a company, has allowed both men to create some truly spectacular bags and small accessories over the past two years. But we’ll warn you now — because they work at Tiffany, their products are quality, so they’re not cheap. But you’re free to take a look at a few of the items from their fall lineup below.

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