Top 5 Things To Shop For On eBay

To be completely honest, we used to think shopping for clothes on eBay was kinda gross. We would tell ourselves, hey, it’s just like shopping at a vintage store or a consignment shop, but then we’d remember that we didn’t actually get to see these clothes in person before the point of sale, and we’d envision the terrible things that might have happened to them before they got shipped to us.

But then, eBay cleaned up its fashion offering — in presentation, anyway — and we got back on board. Because now the site’s clothing, shoes and accessories are a lot easier to navigate, so it only takes a few clicks to find what you really want.

That doesn’t mean you should buy an entire wardrobe from the site; eBay tends have an awesome selection of some things, and a so-so offering of others. With that in mind, here are the top five things to shop for on eBay.

1) Outerwear

It makes sense to invest in outerwear in the summer. It’s less expensive now that it will be later on in the year, which means you can get a great coat or jacket for an absurdly reasonable price. eBay tends has a pretty good collection of it right now — we found a brand new Burberry trench for less than a third of its retail price when we were shopping, er, researching this post this morning.

2) Handbags

Finding a new-to-you handbag has never been easier. The handbag selector feature is so super convenient — it organizes the purses by shape and brand, so finding a Kate Spade tote or a Dooney and Bourke satchel is only two clicks away.

3) Vintage Jewelry

You have the same chances of finding an antique Victorian Mantilla chignon hair comb at your local thrift store as you do of getting struck by lightning. On eBay, it’s one of the first things on the page after you search for vintage jewelry. Which isn’t to say that you need a Victorian hair comb, but instead, that eBay is the place to find it and other ancient gems like cameo rings, brooches and earrings.

4) Jeans

Finding a discounted pair of J Brand jeans has never been easier. Simply tell eBay the brand you’re looking for and the size you need, and it will distill every piece of denim it has to find what you want.

5) Shoes

As with the handbags, it’s very easy to find the brand you want and the style of shoe you’re looking for. Need a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps? Simply click the brand, then the style, and all your footwear needs will be taken care of.

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