Tracy Anderson’s Leggings Might Be The Next Workout Pants Fiasco

We’re not saying the new line of leggings designed by aerobics-instructor-to-the-stars Tracy Anderson are going to be the subject of a $67 million recall. There’s nothing technically wrong with them. But, well. They’re kind of terrible.

Previously, Anderson partnered with Edition01 on a line of leggings which were all black (and $125 a pop), and her fans were none too please. Since she’s often seen in brightly colored workout attire, the all-black line didn’t really reflect her style. The new line, called “TAM Back To Basics”, is available on and appears more in line with her quirky gym get-ups. Sadly, the collection — featuring red Tartan print and child-like, bright polka dots on black — is less in line with something we’d actually want to wear.

She told WWD:

“I did a special collection for Edition01 which were all-black leggings and everyone freaked out. They said, ‘You always wear the coolest patterns and shapes and colors and the right materials.’ I really like to keep a pulse on my audience. Affordable leggings are something I would wear, so I decided to give that to them…The [new] leggings are youthful and fun. The leggings are black with bright bubble-gum polka dots on them, and one is a tartan plaid and one’s sparkly.”

The new pants do sound like a comfortable (and at just $60 each, affordable) option for anyone who doesn’t use gym-time for personal style expression. They are made of a four-way stretch fabric with a wide waistband for a flattering fit (plus special seaming to reduce chaffing). Anderson tells the trade that, “they’re supportive, but not too supportive… When you’re exercising you’re supposed to be able to not feel constricted. People show up in pants basically like Spanx, but that’s not the appropriate way to allow for circulation and movement.”

So what does her partner in fitness, Gwyneth Paltrow think of the pants? (We simply can’t see the Head-Goop-In-Charge donning anything so garish). Anderson says, “She signs off on everything. We’re equal partners. In the Brentwood Studio, she picked every single thing herself.” WWD reports that the pair plan to open a clothing store next to the Brentwood studio this summer that will feature five or six designers at a time. “It will be lifestyle oriented. It will be whatever we love. It’s for the working mom who has an exercise lifestyle. I’m not going to be selling Alexander McQueen dresses.” Really? Because that might be an improvement.

For more news on leggings-gone-wrong, here’s our coverage of the great Lulu Lemon recall of 2013.


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