Twiggy: I Wanted To Look Like Marilyn Monroe

“Whether you’re thin, fat, small, dark, blond, redhead, you wanna be something else. I wanted a fairy godmother to make me look like Marilyn Monroe. I had no boobs, no hips, and I wanted it desperately.”

An interesting statement coming from one of the world’s first ever supermodels. Twiggy virtually owned the fashion world in London in the 60’s, when she quickly became the face of Mod fashion across the world. But why is a former high-fashion model talking about a desire to be bigger?

We all know how quickly trends change, and believe it or not, there was a point in time where bigger was better. Twiggy modeled at a time when she found herself surrounded by woman with big hips, big hair, and big boobs. And there she stood, flat blonde hair and waif-like figure, changing the fashion scene in an instant.

Now, at 60 years old, Twiggy is re-entering the fashion scene (as if her presence had ever left) with an affordable Home Shopping Network line, Twiggy London. And since she knows firsthand how harsh the industry can be on size and how steep the cost of great clothes can be, she wanted to make sure everyone could get a piece of the goods.

Twiggy London will go up to a size 20 and be moderately priced (everything is under $100).

“I’ve always had the strong belief that fashion should be for everyone, not just for wealthy people,” Twiggy told the AP.

What will the line look like? Twiggy London will consist of tapered jeans, ruffled shirts, gypsy skirts, jackets, and bold-colored accessories. While this is not Twiggy’s first foray into the life of a designer (she previously designed a collection called Twiggy Collection which was sold through Great Universal), she’s sure Twiggy London will be a huge success.

“We were very green then. We’re a bit wiser now. A little bit older, a little wiser…”

[via Yahoo]

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