Urban Outfitters Wants You To Eat Less (UPDATED)

Most of the time, we love Urban Outfitters. We actually just recommended that you get their house-brand plimsolls yesterday. But sometimes, their products make us feel like we should never shop there again.

Case in point: this heather gray v-neck t-shirt that advocates eating less. Because it’s screen printed with the words “Eat Less.”

If it’s not enough that the girl wearing the shirt — to say nothing of every single other model Urban Outfitters has ever employed — is rail-thin, the combination of a garment that actively promotes anorexia and a cabal of bony, beautiful people who subliminally scream that you need to be thinner is just too much for our less-than-thin frame to handle.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that UO has done something that’s somewhere between a crime of fashion and being politically incorrect — it’s not the first time the store has offended our sensibilities. Jezebel reported shortly after the president’s inauguration that you could get a henley from Urban Outfitters in a color called “Obama/Black” and a little more recently that the store offered a “How to Make an Ugly Girl Pretty Flask.”

At this point, you can still find the shirt on UrbanOutfitters.com, but clicking on the link reveals a mysteriously blank page. Mayhaps the store has realized the error of its ways and taken the shirt off the site?

We hope this is the case. Because while we appreciate a little humor, irony and social commentary when we’re shopping — it definitely helps with sticker shock — sometimes, Urban Outfitters just isn’t clever or funny.

UPDATE: HuffPost reports that while Urban Outfitters has pulled the shirt from their website, it’s still available in some stores.

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