Why Did Urban Outfitters Redesign Its Website?

For some reason, Urban Outfitters thought that it would be a good idea emulate the whole Gap logo redesign escapade and gave its normally sleek online store some visual updates. Except they didn’t just change their logo font the way we’ve seen them do from time to time. They took a great website and gave it some serious, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-style plastic surgery. And the result just looks really bad.

The logo, now orange, looks like an 8 year old spent a little too much time bending text with the Word Art tool. The links that divide the store into sections are skinnier brown versions of what used to be easily readable black type. In the words of intrepid Styleite staffer Julia Rubin, “They’re squishing and stretching text with reckless abandon!”

But that’s not all they’re doing. Urban Outfitters built its brand by constantly offering its customers something new and different, and that’s a big part of the reason we love it so much. Before now, all the new stuff was, at least, aesthetically pleasing, and because of that we really couldn’t complain.

Now, though, the store has invoked its customers’ ire and confusion. On Twitter, @jjsk5th said, “I think Urban Outfitters needs a stern talking to re: their new website design. @wordy_girl said “I’m late to this but is the new Urban Outfitters website a weird joke?”

We suspect this janky-looking redesign was an attempt to look playfully, perhaps even ironically homemade, but if you ask us, they failed.

What do you think?

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