Usher To Design Lingerie With Tamara Mellon?

Sorry if we’re confused — is there a rumor floating around that Usher wants to make underwear? Women’s lingerie? With Tamara Mellon? Jimmy Choo‘s Tamara Mellon? What?

We’re flabbergasted for a few reasons. One: Usher doesn’t know anything about making clothing, does he? Least of all not lingerie. At least other celebrities who have clothing lines can actually wear the clothes they make (although we imagine Lindsay Lohan‘s leggings were hard to get around the SCRAM.)

Two: Tamara Mellon makes shoes for a living. Shoes! Making the perfect $500 red patent leather peep-toe d’Orsay kitten heel is worlds apart from engineering a good bra. Not that either one is more difficult than the other, and not that we don’t think she’d be up to it — if she did make lingerie, it’d probably sell like hotcakes, just like her collection for H&M last summer. It’s just a weirdly uncharacteristic move.

Three: Usher and Tamara are friends? Does Tameka Foster know about this? And has she heard the way her husband talks about other women’s bodies in forums as public as, say, Glamour magazine?

“I love a woman’s curves, her shape, particularly nude. I really do enjoy that. And you should know that I am a fan of lingerie, I mean more than most men.

“Tamara Mellon is a friend of mine and I keep telling her we have to do something cool together, like design a lingerie line though Jimmy Choo.”

Uh huh. Excuse our skepticism, but Usher’s been flighty about starting a clothing line in the past.

If it happens, we say mazel tov. If not, well, the egg’s on Usher’s face, and not ours. And not Tamara Mellon’s, either.

[Via Coco Perez]

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