An Important In-Depth Investigation Into The Walmart Cheer

Did you know Walmart had a cheer? Because it does! Please join us for an important in-depth investigation.

Our interest was piqued when this Walmart cheer started circulating. And by our, I mean my, because I was (confession time!) a high school cheerleader! Surprise! As such, I would like to think of myself as a cheer expert of sorts. I mean, I competed in the Missouri state cheerleading championship, you guys! Okay, so we have many things to discuss. First, here is the video in question:

I was very impressed with this guy Chuck’s spirit! And then I realized there were all sorts of related videos. This is not an isolated incident. Walmart cheering is an official thing! Who knew?! According to the Walmart website, Sam Walton made up the official Walmart cheer, which goes like this:

Give me a W!
Give me an A!
Give me an L!
Give me a squiggly!
Give me an M!
Give me an A!
Give me an R!
Give me a T!

What’s that spell?

Whose Walmart is it?
It’s my Walmart!

Who’s number one?
The customer! Always!

“Give me a squiggly!” is clearly the best part. This is a pretty adorable rendition of said official cheer:

And then I came across this less adorable version that involves the Black Eyed Peas. This is the moment I really fell down the big box store cheer rabbit hole:

Target has tried to steal some of Walmart’s cheering steez, but they one-up them by using pom-poms. Pom-poms are the greatest:

Relatedly, we appreciate how Best Buy trash talks Circuit City in its cheer:

And now I will end this post with a very important message: LET’S GO COLTS!

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