The 12 Weirdest Royal Baby Themed Things You Can Buy On Etsy

Now that Kate Middleton’s been pregnant for approximately three years, there’s finally a royal birth on the horizon! And the horizon is close – her due date is this Saturday, to be precise.

Unfortunately our baby shower invites got lost in the mail, but those of you attending are probably fretting about what one buys for such an occasion. A burping cloth inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge herself? A 1st Edition booklet of creepy royal cut-out dolls? Or how about the actual t-shirt Kate gave the royal stamp of rejection to?

Below we picked out the 12 weirdest royal baby-themed things you can buy from Digital Haus of Weird, AKA Etsy, and put them into one convenient place. But don’t dally – if it’s a particularly horrifying albino version of the Royal Baby’s father you’re looking for, there’s only one left. And we’d really like to see it disappear.

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