How Do You Feel About The Fur Prohibition?

Starting next week, West Hollywood will become the first city in America ever to ban the sale of fur. Save for thrift stores, consignment shops, and non profit organizations, merchants will be forbidden from selling and importing anything with fur.

It’s admittedly a fairly light law. Stores will still be allowed to display fur, but must direct customers to stores outside the city where they can purchase it. Plus, if a store is caught selling fur, they’ll merely be fined somewhere between $250 and $800. It almost makes you wonder why they’d even bother.

But it’s still a historical change, and the city’s mayor admits it’s for ethical reasons. “Almost from its founding, WeHo has been a city dedicated to actionable humane policies, and this is another step in that direction.”

It’s tricky situation. Animal cruelty is obviously a touchy subject, but also, some people make their living selling fur. What do you think about the issue? Is the local government crossing a line? Or is an obvious ethical choice that should spread throughout other U.S. cities? Let us know in the comments!

[Racked LA]

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