Designers Give Good Head-Piece

Racks of necklaces, bowls of rings, and rows of bangles are being quickly discarded for the new and improved kid on the block, the head piece. In our ongoing search for a way to over-accessorize, this may not qualify as the cutting edge, but it’s definitely a refreshing change of pace. Thanks to American Apparel, many of us may automatically reflect on the times we thought strapping a braid around our head, along with dropping ‘man’ every other word, and being selective about personal hygiene would transport us back to 1974. Alas, when that proved less than successful we forgot and moved onto the next look du jour.

But with chains, studs, and anything else metal being in full force this summer, perhaps it was only a matter of time we started decorating our noggins with links galore. Nasir Mazhar, best known for his pieces for Queen GaGa, has created head pieces that are out of this world, literally. Inspired by the orbit, his designs embrace the avant-garde and his light yet distinct metals wrap around in such a way that the illusion of rotation is accomplished. Ann Demeulemeester also wrapped her model’s faces in caging for her Spring 2010 collection, giving her romantic aesthetic a little punch.

Sure, these are both dramatic examples and definitely not for everyday errand. But with the extreme, the commercial will be sure to follow. Urban Outfitters is now selling a rendition on the chain head accessory with the Goddess Chain Wrap. Perfect to spice up a simple outfit of jean shorts and tank or even with an easy maxi, the chain affect is sure to make even the simplest outfit look saucy.

Always looking onto new frontiers of excess adornment, we can put our over-accessorizing anxieties at ease this summer, whether it’s putting a wire globe on your face or just a fun new safety-pin barrette, there’s something for everyone.

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