Women Spend 3 Years Of Their Lives Shopping

Assuming a woman lives an apparently average 63-year long life, she will spend 25,184 hours and 53 minutes buying things. On a yearly basis, this adds up to just shy of 400 hours — 399 hours, 46 minutes, to be exact. 95 hours of this annual time expenditure are dedicated to buying food, which makes sense. 170 hours, on the other hand, are dedicated to buying clothes.

According to a study carried out by an online market research firm and published in The Sun, the bulk (60%) of those 170 hours are dedicated to clothes, while the remainder is parceled out evenly between shoes and accessories.

I wanted to be able to write that these numbers are insane and obviously inflated and the perfect example of popular science making for an extremely clicky article, but, honestly, 170 hours a year is just over 3 hours a week, and when you take into account the amount of time spent perusing UrbanOutfitters.com and Pixie Market and eBay and my new fave, Rice And Beans Vintage, well, I’m putting these British shopaholics to shame.

[via The Sun.]

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