Stop Telling Kim Kardashian She Doesn’t “Need” Waist Training

Kim Kardashian West recently posted this photograph of herself to Instagram.

Now, when you’re a star with as much influence as Kim Kardashian West, promoting a product like a waist trainer can certainly be questionable. After all, waist training has apparently been shown to cause health issues such as digestive struggles in women who consistently wear corsets. So, I guess, it’s perhaps similar to promoting a crash diet.

But what’s arguably worse than Kim’s actual Instagram post is a lot of the media’s reaction to it. Here are three ways different publications are taking the wrong angle.

1) Not acknowledging that Kim Kardashian West probably got paid for the picture. In her caption, Kim linked to the website of a company that sells waist trainer. Do you think she actually is just sharing her new 100% genuine favorite product with us plebes? Probably not. The monetization of her personal brand is largely based on her enormous social media following and her getting paid to post certain pictures and links. It’s extremely likely this is one of her “sponsored” posts.

2) Saying that Kim “doesn’t need” a waist trainer. Calling out Kim for promoting an unhealthy habit is one thing. But some websites are pointing out that Kim doesn’t need waist training … because she already has the perfect hourglass figure. That pretty much implies women without “perfect hourglass” figured do need waist training. And that’s not cool for obvious reasons.

3) Talking about it as a great new tummy-flattening trick. Without acknowledging how potentially harmful it can be. Oh, and that the fact that your body changes after childbirth is totally normal and natural and doesn’t need to be “fixed.”

But most importantly, at the end of the day, it’s Kim’s body, and she can do with it what she wants. We don’t need to agree with her choices, but we also don’t need to tell her what she should or shouldn’t do with her own body.

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