A Style Evolution At Saks Fifth Avenue

Until a few weeks ago, Mediaite‘s White House correspondent Tommy Christopher was one of the worst-dressed men in Washington. And we’re not being mean — this guy used to have just three outfits, and many of the garments that made up those outfits is spun from fabric that would light aflame if it got too close to an active microwave oven.

And because it simply wouldn’t do to have our company’s envoy to the president’s house wearing nothing but rayon ties in offensive patterns, we decided he needed an upgrade. Then Eric Jennings, the VP of men’s fashion (and lots of other fun stuff) at Saks Fifth Avenue, decided to get involved, and the project turned into a full-scale and fully-sponsored style intervention.

We couldn’t have asked for a better collaborator in Jennings or in Saks. Jennings believes that real men — guys like Tommy — shouldn’t care so much about fashion as they should about their own personal style. With Tommy, whose style was comfort-based and self-effacing, Jennings had to go back to basics.

“I don’t think men relate to fashion; I don’t think they want trends,” Jennings said. “I think they want to build a wardrobe, and I think men are more interested in their style.”

And for the building blocks of any men’s wardrobe, there’s probably no better bunch of clothes to choose from than the Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Collection. The high quality private label cuts out the designer middle man, so the store can give its customers great quality at a price hundreds of dollars below what you’d pay for other men’s clothing.

After a shave, haircut and manicure at Saks’ John Allan club and a few nips and tucks from a knowing tailor, Tommy looked like a new man. Find out how Jennings got him from point A to point B below, and find out Christopher’s perspective on his transformation here.

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