Put Up Your Dukes: Jorts Take The Stage At Coachella

If there was an unofficial uniform of music festival season, it would definitely include a pair of denim cut-offs — right along with our trusty knapsack! For starters, they’ve got five pockets worth of functionality, they’re easy to move around in and enable one to comfortably park oneself on a grassy knoll. And nothing says indie-cred quite like some well frayed Levis — even if that pair of J-Brands did happen to have to set you back $175. But, as with many hipster-approved fashion statements, the line between the cool kid brand of ugly and mom jeans ugly is a fine one. Alas, what’s a jort-loving gal to do? Well, thanks to all the daisy dukes that have been battling it out in the fields at Coachella, we’ve found a few examples –the good, the bad and some super ugly — to help you avoid a potential cut off catastrophe. Jean-ius, right?


Rachel Bilson

We love that Rachel Bilson manages to look like she belongs at Coachella without venturing into unwashed, just-slept-in-a-garbage-can territory. An expert at combining the high with the low, she’s opted for rolled dark denim, and paired her jorts with a cute (non belly-baring) printed tank, easy gladiators and an amazingness of all amazingness: a vintage Pendleton rucksack!

Two Concert Goers (one of which sort of looks like Kirsten Dunst)

The breezy floral blouses, frayed jorts and military boots? Something smells like Teen Sprit, but in a really good way. We know how difficult it is to coordinate cut-offs. So kudos to these bohemian BFFs for matching their jorts without looking like the Olsen Twins circa “It Takes Two.”

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