Rachel Bilson Wears A Backpack!

One small sartorial decision for Rachel Bilson, one huge step for The Great Backpack Comeback — a joint effort between us and Huffington Post Style.

The pint-sized style star wore an oh-so-awesome Pendleton sack to the oh-so-hip Coachella Music Festival this past weekend.

First Mary-Kate, now Ms. Bilson — if those aren’t two seriously stellar endorsements, well, then we think you’re crazy.

In case you’re just joining us, I have some pretty passionate feelings towards backpacks. After HuffPost’s darling Style editor found me a vintage boyscout rucksack in a junk shop upstate, we’ve joined forces to champion the trend. And thus began: The Great Backpack Comeback of 2010. Keep your eyes peeled for rucksack sightings — we’ll document this trend every step of the way.

Photos via Celebrity-Gossip.net.


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