Dustin Diamond Explains How He Faked His Own Sex Tape: A Guide For The Modern Fame Whore


Because the internet is consumed with All Things Bayside this August 2014 (the 25th Anniversary Month of Saved by the Bell’s premiere), The Daily Beast gave the series’ most-hated alum an opportunity to redeem himself. Nestled into a long, “at times, over-defensive and a little manic” interview was Diamond’s admission that his rebel boy apex — a self-produced sex tape — was completely doctored. How does one stage such a shameless publicity/cash grab doomed for failure anyway? Two words, future famewhores of America: stunt wang.

Revealed Dustin:

“I put the thing together. I got a stunt wang. I’m not an idiot. I’m not going to really put myself out there. So I got a stunt person to come in. And I thought, what if this thing makes $3 million? That’s nothing to scoff at. But after that people looked at me dirty, like, “He does porn.” No, I don’t! I faked that one at a chance for millions. I’m an opportunist, really. Needless to say it did not make millions. But I had to take the shot. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t.”

Doesn’t that make you look at him in a completely different light?

[The Daily Beast]

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