For Your Health: a Definitive List of Emmys GIFs and Their Uses


The jokes are adequate (that’s pretty much how we all feel, right? Seth Meyers was there and he said words and they ended in punchlines and he was very careful not to offend anyone — he left that to the CEO of the Television Academy), the dresses are our bread and butter, and the speeches are sometimes heartwarming, usually just tolerable, but we know why you really watch the Emmys, or any awards show for that matter (except the People’s Choice Awards — we aren’t sure why anyone bothers to watch that): to scope out the GIFable moments. Now that it’s the afternoon after the dawn after the night of the Breaking Bad Reunion Featuring Some Other People Holding Statues, the Internet is rich with moving pictures of celebrities doing the whackiest things, like wearing beautiful dresses and accepting awards that represent the Academy of Television Arts & Science’s esteem. But which should you use? And when? And HOW? Allow us to explain.

You’re on your way to a family gathering and your mom just informed you that your younger cousins brought along a DVD copy of the One Direction movie:
emmys vape

A coworker brings you a pint of ice cream apropos of nothing:
emmys smooch

You just arrived at your crush’s housewarming party only to discover that they live in a seven-story walk-up. Did we mention that you are wearing platforms? You are wearing platforms. You thought they were cute.
emmys sarah

You were forced to listen to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” on repeat for work and now you wake up every morning with the infernal tune bopping in your head:
emmys poisoned

An old lady on the Q Train asks you if you’re the one in that sexy science show on Showtime, essentially suggesting that you look like Lizzy Caplan…or Michael Sheen. Either way, you’ll take it:
emmys lip rub

Your immediate reaction upon watching Beyoncé’s VMA performance:
emmys every year

When someone tries to argue that male comedians are more successful for any reason other than sexism and then admits that they’ve never seen 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, Veep, The Mindy Project, OR ANYTHING THAT MATTERS:
emmys amy beyonce

You were just caught licking the inside of your yogurt container by your boss:
emmys ricky ugly

Your mother joined Facebook and wrote a long nonsense status about tax brackets and your father that was clearly supposed to be posted on your wall but she didn’t understand how that worked:
emmys julia confused

True Detective director Cary Fukunaga won an Emmy and now the Internet knows what he looks like:
Emmys Crazy eyes

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