For Your Health: a Definitive List of MTV VMA GIFs and Their Uses


The jokes are…there (sorry, Jay Pharoah — your impressions were spot on but even Tumblr had better lines about Drake in the “Anaconda” video), the dresses are our bread and butter, and the speeches are tolerable, but we know why you really watch the VMAs, or any awards show for that matter (except the People’s Choice Awards — we aren’t sure why anyone bothers to watch that): to scope out the GIFable moments. Now that it’s the afternoon after the dawn after the night of the Beyoncé concert featuring the 31 Annual MTV Video Music Awards, the Internet is rich with moving pictures of celebrities doing the whackiest things, like wearing beautiful dresses and accepting awards that represent fifteen-year-olds who still watch MTV’s esteem. But which should you use? And when? And HOW? Allow us to explain.

A girl who used to do Irish stepdance in high school posted a Vine tagged #TwerkTeam and #Twerksday:
taylor swift dancing 2

Whenever a white person does something especially white (sings Magic!’s “Rude” in public, likes Trader Joe’s on Facebook, writes a thinkpiece complaining about Nicki Minaj’s “fuck skinny bitches” line in “Anaconda”):
taylor swift dancing

You, when scrolling through these image results:
miley stunned

It’s Sunday night, your roommate is watching True Blood on HBO Go, and you can hear the theme song:
nicki ass

When you’re watching Sam Smith’s VMA performance:
miley crying

When you see that Sam Smith and Katy Perry are friends and the latter Make a Wish foundation recipient won’t get her hands off the former:
miley crying 2

When some basic dude on Tinder gets butthurt that you’re not interested and rants about how he’s better than you:

When your song comes on at a bar and you don’t give enough of a fuck about the second-string bitches surrounding you to pretend that you aren’t getting your life:
laverne flawless

When there is just one communal Diet Coke left in the office fridge and all the marketing girls just bought their lunchtime salads:
beyonce grimey

When you are shown a GIF of Idris Elba licking his lips:
beyonce legs

When you slide into a conversation happening on someone else’s Facebook status about how girls shouldn’t wear/drink/say/think/do certain things and you TEACH THE CHILDREN:
beyonce feminist

You run into your ex when you’re four tequila shots deep:
beyonce flawless

blue flawless

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