Frances McDormand Is Pissed No One Asked for Marge Gunderson’s Blessing on FX’s Fargo

Frances McDormand is on a press junket for her upcoming HBO miniseries Olive Kitteridge (in which John Gallagher Jr. plays her son, and we’re all just spinning around like Maria on the mountaintop), and in their standard psychedelic history questionnaire administered to actresses of a certain age, The Daily Beast asked the iconic originator of everyone’s favorite pregnancy Halloween costume if she had seen the FX reboot of Fargo yet. McDormand played the indomitable Marge Gunderson in the original 1996 film, directed by the Coen Brothers, one of whom she’s married to, and she was feeling a little slighted by the whole thing:

“I have not. I’ve got no interest right now. I’m so happy for them and think it’s fabulous what’s going on. But I have to say: I have a little grudge. Nobody asked me. They asked Joel and Ethan — rightfully so — but Joel and Ethan don’t own the property in any way, since it’s owned by the studio that created the film. There can’t be another Marge. She’s somethin’ else. I do feel like, more than anything else I’ve done — besides Olive — she’s as much mine as theirs, because nobody knew the place she’d have in the cultural zeitgeist. It was this complete convergence of events and really kismet, what happened to Marge Gunderson. It was also this arc of Scandinavian storytelling. Look at The Killing, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, all of these Scandinavian things with female investigators. It seems like it’s so embedded in this iconic consciousness.”

For more on how much she looooves LSD (please tell us she’s been to Burning Man with Susan Sarandon), check out her interview in its entirety here.

[The Daily Beast]

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