HBO Isn’t Airing a Marathon of The Wire, Comfort Yourself With These Omar Little GIFs


The Kappa frat brother turned collegiate drug kingpin who used to smoke you out in-between posting Omar Little image macros on his wall and practicing Ultimate on the quad must be losing his goddamn mind (like, almost as much as he did when Blink 182 announced the reunion tour): earlier today the Internet exploded with reports that HBO was rebroadcasting all five seasons of The Wire. Every white dude in the world immediately hit up their Moms and Pops for the HBO Go password. But, as it turns out, it was all just wishful thinking and misleading promo videos: according to HBO, the episodes “aren’t ready yet” and the release date has been pushed back indefinitely. Sigh. It’s all in the game, yo.

While HBO Signature (one of the seven satellite channels you get when you pay for HBO — not the one in Spanish or the one that only plays Vince Vaughn movies and soft-core porn) won’t be rebroadcasting the greatest show ever (according to EW and the Internet and everyone with eyes) as previously reported, you can still join us in a GIFlebration of TV’s finest gay stick-up man, Omar Little. Below we’re sharing some of our favorite Omar-themed Internet moving pictures and some everyday situations that merit their use. Publicly mourn this cruel prank by posting your favorite Wire GIF in the comments.

When your coworker realizes too late that the elaborate story you made up about TPS reports and needing her signature was all constructed just so she’d bring you the stapler you were too lazy to get up and grab yourself:

When your hookup doesn’t answer your late-night “hey, bae” text that was clearly a sexual proposition so you smooch the nearest warm body:

Your friend is in the bar bathroom and you refuse to walk to the end of the line:
open the door

When your ex gets upset that you spent the cash they left in your apartment, Blu Cantrell-style:
only spenders

When the Dominoes website asks if you want to add an order of cheesy bread:
no doubt

The only appropriate response to your friend’s wedding invitation that mandates black-tie formal wear for an outdoor wedding in August:

When some white dude at a party tries to initiate a conversation about Beyoncé and feminism with you:
do tell

When you use your friend’s email address to get three more free rides from Lyft:
all in the game

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