WATCH: #TBT Gone Awry, Jimmy Kimmel Fans Pissed at Friends Spoof

jimmy kimmel

Look, Jennifer Aniston is really great at acting uncomfortable. And she probably didn’t have to dig too deep to find exasperation at the same, tired Friends tropes that we, as a people, have been culturally obsessing over for twenty years. So her “frustration acting” in Jimmy Kimmel’s Friends fanfic reenactment, co-starring Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, and the kitchen set, was pretty believable. Unfortunately, the internet swooped in with pitchforks and cries of abuse to poor, poor Jen, who was obviously participating in something against her will and without her consent, due to the obvious duress she was experiencing.

God forbid we apply outrage to real abused women; hasn’t poor Jen been through enough? Check out Jimmy Kimmel’s pitchfork mob below.

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