WATCH: Laverne Cox Returns To Katie Couric, Brings Trans Backup, Educates Masses


Katie Couric devoted the first 30 minutes of her 60-minute daytime talk show today to Laverne Cox, trans-identified guests of Laverne Cox, and to shedding light on trans* issues that had approximately zero percent to do with how scrotal sacs are fashioned into labia. Miraculously, Katie also managed to avoid dropping a single offensive grammatical error. (No -ed endings on the word “transgender,” and no use of it as a noun. Or worse: the cringe-worthy plural.)

In the first ten-minute segment, Katie and Laverne talked about the host’s various missteps during their now-infamous interview from last January. Laverne, ever the paragon of grace, thanked Katie for keeping the conversation going, in spite of her first, straight-up embarrassing attempt.

The second segment was devoted to Cox’s upcoming documentary on CeCe McDonald, the 25-year-old trans woman who was convicted of second degree manslaughter and sent to a men’s prison facility after defending herself against attackers in an ambush on the street.

In the third segment, two other trans-identified advocates joined Laverne on stage. And, blessedly, rather than invite highly visible trans models/celebs to discuss Ru Paul’s use of the T-word for the tenth time, Katie went with comparatively unsexy (by network TV standards, and absolutely no one else’s, because check out those fly suits) nonfamouses who understood and could explain systems of trans* oppression from both a legal and a social justice standpoint. ACLU attorney Chase Strangio and GLAAD Senior Media Strategist Tiq Milan covered everything from the disproportionate number of homeless queer youth, to the inadequacy of medical care for trans* individuals, to the preposterous struggle in passing basic legal protections like GENDA.

And with the exception of being confused by the transition needs of AARP-aged trans* folks, and praising the woefully small allowances given to the trans* community by people in power (which Laverne rightfully checked her on), Katie managed to avoid grievous offense. The same cannot be said for Wendy Williams, who had Laverne on yesterday, and sounded like an idiot.

Check out the final Laverne segment from today’s Katie below.

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