Happy Women’s Equality Day: An Emmys-Inspired Video Round-Up

It’s Women’s Equality Day: the commemoration of the day we earned the right to vote in 1920. So very close to one hundred years later, at an awards show where women made up only 26% of the nominees, in a country where women make only 77 cents on the dollar, this happened:

So we’re here with a video round-up of some of our favorite bad bitches to clean that throw-uppy feeling out of your mouth. Cheers to the following ladies (and John Oliver):

1. Leslie Knope, who knows how to get officers of the law to understand your version of events.

2. Hannah Horvath, who made cryptically tweeting one’s STI status followed by throwing a solo dance party the face of millenial female empowerment.

Picture 26

3. Rachel Maddow, who is here to liberate us all from the oppressive fist of the patriarchy THE TYRANNY OF BAD MOJITOS.

4. Peggy Olson, whose two-octave voice drop over seven years of Mad Men is inversely proportional to her rise in dominance.

5. Look, even boys can be on our side sometimes! Sure, they have to be British and obscenely intelligent to do it, but we’ll take whatever we can get in the dick department. (See: our epic dicking over in any and all attempts at equality, autonomy, and/or governance of our own bodies.)

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