Your First Look at Girls Season 4: Lena Dunham Sucks at Biking

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Okay, so we aren’t claiming to be some sort of bike prodigy — we’ve never talked about our fixed gear (we don’t have a fixed gear) (we don’t know what a fixed gear is) (do we want the gears to be fixed? Better question, do the gears want to be fixed? Maybe someone should be liberating these gears), we can’t pop a wheelie, we wouldn’t be able to courier a package in-between three lanes of New York City traffic without weeping or getting into a fist fight with a cabbie, we aren’t Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush. The craziest thing we ever did on a bike was let our best friend ride on our pegs from the public pool to the 7-11 in order to pick up some Combos. With that said, Lena Dunham’s bike abilities are making us sad. On the inside. Where we are always sad.

Dunham shared a quick video from the set of Girls, where production has already begun on Season Four, and, apparently, Single Hannah has picked up a bike. Unfortunately, as it turns out, Dunham isn’t that great at navigating a bike. Or corners. At all.

Well, looks like our Dunham dream date of riding Citi Bikes through South Street Seaport is a no-go. But on the plus side, at least we now know that we won’t have to look at Dunham’s bleached Davy Jones hair for an entire season.

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