A Fashionista’s Father’s Day Card

Dear Dads,

We style-obsessed fashion lovers know that raising us sometimes wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. Where you might have envisioned a talented surgeon or a litigator — or even the next generation leading the family business — instead there sprung up men and women who would kill to slave away in the fashion closets at i-D or Vogue, or to distill the most beautiful garments in the world into knockout ensembles for the red carpet.

As kids, you had to mediate fights between us and our siblings over whether we should watch Sesame Street or a Tim Blanks interview on Fashion Trance (and at the time, you didn’t even know we had that channel). We begged to be taken to Ralph Lauren for colorful cotton polo shirts when you would have preferred to phone it in with a coordinated set from Osh Kosh.

In high school, you chastised us for reading GQ instead of doing our physics homework. When we chose college majors like journalism and fashion merchandising instead of history or biomedical engineering, you were suspicious as to whether or not we’d make it in the world. We spent more money on accessories than most people spend on food and prescription drugs. And it drove you absolutely batty.

But when we asked you to help us, just for a summer, to live in New York or in London or in Paris, working as unpaid interns or apprentices at fashion houses or magazines, you saw how much this world means to us, how excited we were to finally be contributing to what we had consumed with such veracity for so many years. And you willingly gave us emotional and financial support to do so. Some of you are still doing that.

So for everything you’ve done for us, and for everything you continue to do, we want to say thank you. You made it possible for us to do what we love with our lives, and that’s the best present any father could ever give.

As for your present, well, you’ll just have to see it when you open it. But we guarantee it’ll look great on you at work tomorrow.

We love you, Dads. Happy Father’s Day.

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