What To Wear To Make Your TSA Grope-Down A Breeze

Much ado has been made about the enhanced security screenings some of our nation’s airports have elected to perform — some people feel downright violated by them, others feel there are better options to protect Americans who choose to fly. We’ll just say that we’re not 100 percent comfortable with either method, but that no manner of patting down or dose of radiation is going to stop us from enjoying our Aunt Carolyn’s macaroni and cheese Thursday evening.

So, in order to keep ourselves sane as we travel from Styleite HQ to go home for the holidays, we’re planning to do whatever we can to make the screenings as easy as possible. And it turns out the key to breezing through new airport security regulations is the same key to looking great: it’s all about fit.

The Associated Press reported today that a Los Angeles woman was singled out for wearing a bulky sweater and an ankle-length skirt to the airport. The Transportation and Security officers on hand told her “We can’t tell if there’s something under your skirt.” Want to avoid being whisked away into TSO touchy-feeliness? Then you should probably have a few garments like the ones below ready to wear to the airport.

What not to wear? Clothing a security line issue [Yahoo! News]

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