PHOTOS: Duchess Camilla’s Inappropriate Hat

On the most somber of occasions, normally what we like to do is let the way we dress reflect the sadness or seriousness of what’s going on around us. But apparently if you’re royalty, that rule does not apply.

Today marks the 65th anniversary of VJ Day, the end of World War II. The BBC reports that there was a ceremony held in Britain in honor of the soldiers who gave their lives in defense of that country’s freedom. As these events usually go, it was a very structured and restrained observance of how honorably these men had served their country, with several government officials and nobles in attendance. Including the wildly inappropriately dressed Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and future Princess Consort of the United Kingdom.

We do not take issue with her pastel pink coat, or even with her five-strand pearl necklace with glittery brooch — plenty of women at the event seem to have been wearing bright colors. What we’re concerned with is her hat. Does she know how many fake pink leaves she’s wearing? Is she aware that the undulating coils of silver on top of it are so large they can be seen from space?

We have always respected that British women are serious about their hats — Isabella Blow, for example, never seemed to go anywhere without a delectable Philip Treacy creation atop her head. Then again, we don’t recall Isabella Blow wearing something so garish or attention-seeking as this to the commemoration of 30,000 lives lost in an Eastern theater of war.

So we’re at a little bit of a loss to explain this one, though we think she might have a touch of Styleitis. Do you think it was too too or somewhat inappropriate? Or is it really fit for someone who will, ostensibly, one day be queen?

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