Dita Von Teese Checks Her Lipstick Every Half Hour

We’re huge fans of Dita von Teese, which is why we’re super green-eyed over our friends at The Frisky who got to interview the lady last week.

While we’re into a decidedly more low-maintenance look than Ms. von Teese, we do share a love of red lipstick as well as, well, a von. So that makes us almost best friends.

Anyway, von Teese shared some interesting insight on her vintage shopping technique and made us even more green-eyed over the fact that she has an assistant just to handle her clothing collection. She also talked lipstick secrets, designing a clothing line, and her new book on beauty. Herewith, our favorite parts:

On how she keeps her lipstick from bleeding:

Well, there’s not really a trick. You either wear a very matte lipstick that’s very dry and doesn’t bleed, like MAC Ruby Roo or Russian Red, or you wear something that’s shiny and you look at it every, like, half hour to make sure it’s okay.

The Frisky: Do you really check your lipstick every half hour?

If you’re going to wear lipstick — if you’re going to wear red lipstick — you have to check it out! You can’t just, like, eat a giant cheeseburger and think it’s going to be perfect. (laughs) You have to have a mirror with you. You have to check it out. It’s part of the upkeep. And, you know, it’s sexy to take out your mirror and touch up your lipstick. It’s okay!

On the upkeep of her vintage clothes and how she has an assistant just for her clothes:

Yeah, it’s really expensive: tailoring is expensive, the constant moth control is expensive. (laughs) I have an assistant that takes care of all of my clothes. When you wear vintage, you have to fix everything. It’s like old cars: you have to keep ‘em up.

On how many pairs of shoes and corsets she owns:

I have no idea. I never really count. People always ask me how many pairs of Louboutins I have. It’s just not something you sit around counting, you know? Those are not the big blessings of my life that I’ve been sitting there counting and thinking how lucky I am. It’s not really as much about the clothes and shoes as you think it will be. I have a lot of things.

On who she’d want to trade closets with:

I have a nice collection of clothes. I wouldn’t want to trade it with anyone. Except maybe Madonna — I bet she has a really great closet.

On how America has the best vintage:

I feel like you can find bargains in America still; you can find pieces in good shape. Whenever I go to Paris, people say, “You should go to this vintage store!” or whenever I go to London, they say, “You should go to this vintage store!” and I’m always, like, “Yeah, maybe not!” I look at the prices, I look at the quality of the things, and think, “Back to America, please!”

Read more at The Frisky…

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