Fashion Don’ts: You Can’t Trust A Guy Who…

On Friday, Styleite’s founder, Dan Abrams, went on the Rachael Ray Show to talk about some of his least favorite trends that he sees women sporting. And while Abrams never claimed to be a fashion expert, he told the talk show host that Uggs, oversized sweaters, large sunglasses, and the Katie Holmes’-inspired “Cleopatra hair-cut” were among his least favorite female trends. But like we said, fashion isn’t just a one-way street, so in response we’ve put together our own little list of fashion statements guys should steer clear of.

You can’t trust a guy who… wears white sunglasses or too many Jersey Shore-esque trends. This includes, but is not limited to: Affliction T-shirts, offensively low v-necks/excessively visible abs, or too much Aqua de Gio or Davidoff Cool Water cologne. If you can smell your boyfriend before he walks into a room, or he looks a lot like Jon Gosselin post divorce, you’ve got a situation on your hands.

You can’t trust a guy who… wears “mannery” (male-jewelry). Unless the item is a family heirloom you are a rapper, or you are Karl Lagerfeld, excessive amounts of metal, gold, silver, real or fake diamonds, or hemp are frankly unacceptable. He should save his money and buy some jewelry for his girlfriend, mother, or sister.

You can’t trust a guy who… is under 30 and wears front pleated pants. This guy will most likely also be seen donning the cell phone belt clip and wearing dress socks with sneakers. Remind him that while it is important to befriend your father, it should not be his goal to appear to look like your father.

You can’t trust a guy who… wears the Faux-Dress Shoe. This is the shoe that is part sneaker/part dress shoe. It is usually brown or black and has some sort of fake leather or suede. Guys are suckers for any two-in-one kind of deal. Shampoo plus conditioner, shaving cream plus moisturizer — both acceptable. But please, convince your guy to splurge and purchase both a dress shoe and a sneaker.

And if your man is wearing some of these trends, well, he has what we at Styleite like to call Styleitis.

What are some of your men’s (or women’s!) Fashion don’ts? Let’s keep this going in the comments…

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