He Says, She Says: Debating 4 Super Trendy Styles

While we love fashion, we often wonder what on earth guys think of all the crazy trends girls will wear in the name of style. For example, one of our guy friends consistently asks, “WTF are those?” when we wear harem pants. In order to get to the bottom of this male versus female sartorial debate, we invited writer, blogger, and all around guy’s guy Nick Kreiss to give us honest, gut reactions to the following trends.

Vintage Chic, comprised of Peach Gaucho Pants, Vintage Turquoise Clutch, Bow Shoes.

Jackie Says: I totally love this look, from the slouchy peach pants to the oversized vintage knit top. I like how she played with both textures and colors. Also the bow shoes are adorable, they’re the perfect little addition. I think this outfit is super girl friendly and totally awesome style-wise, plus it covers all the bases from vintage to modern, while being the perfect mix of masculine and feminine components. Total win.

Nick Says: This girl is a liar and I’ll tell you why. She’s trying to look thrown together, she wants you to think she doesn’t care that her sweater is a weird size and her pants are oddly proportioned. She’s telling you that she’s a free spirit and a hip chick, the type of girl that rocks a crazy enormous turquoise purse because she’s in a crazy enormous turquoise mood. But she’s not fooling anybody. In all her efforts to not care, she cared too much. Her chaos is calculated and frankly not that inspired. It just looks frumpy. I see this girl reading my text messages, having aggressive brunches with my guy friends, telling them how I need to “grow up” and “stop re-using forks cause they’re not ‘that dirty”. A girl this perfectly (and oddly) strewn about has to be uptight, probably judgmental, and a little impatient. A total nightmare to date. She probably gets really sensitive if you make fun of the ridiculous gigantic green bows on her shoes that look like shamrocks, she probably wants joint credit cards. She’s a lot of pressure. She’ll try to convince you otherwise, but this girl is totally anal (and not in the good way). It comes across smug. And I know I’m not the only guy who thinks high wasted pants NEVER look good on girls. Seriously. Never.

American Apparel-ish Chick, comprised of neons and knee-highs.

Jackie Says: Okay, so while I “get” this trend, I am not a huge fan. I mean, where is the practicality in this? It looks like she is tailgating in a parking lot, and who wants to tailgate in knee highs? And further more if you are going to wear an oversized t-shirt and no pants you have to be willing to open yourself up for ridicule or getting hit on a lot. I bet boys will love this.

Nick Says: At what point are these girls just wearing costumes? This seems so impractical, so silly, so annoying, that I can only classify it as a costume. It’s like she’s going as ‘irritating self indulgent girl’ for Halloween. What if it’s cold? Don’t come whining to me when the draft picks up. But hold on.Good legs. That’ll get you far in our books. Bottom line? I think the outfit is silly, but every guy I know is hitting on this girl. Even if she’s dressed as Humpty Dumpty.

Headdress-Wearing Hippies, comprised of maxi dresses and boho dresses.

Jackie Says: You couldn’t throw a stone at Coachella without hitting a girl wearing a headress. Honestly, a lot of my girlfriends were intensely jealous, spouting dreams of being a little girl wanting to dress up like Pocahontas. I kinda dig the look in the context of festivals and pool parties and maybe the occasional BBQ. It’s fun and summery and a good conversation starter for sure. (Incidentally, I also dig those flower head bands.) The maxi dresses definitely cute, though — I am a huge fan of these for the steamy summer! I just grabbed a bunch from H&M’s Fashion for Aids collection and until my legs aren’t freakishly white I plan to wear them. Now, if only they didn’t make me think of maxipads everytime I talk about them.

Nick Says: Hard to dignify this with words. I just don’t get it. The headpieces are temporary, right? Maybe it’s just a dumb inside joke I care nothing about. To me, these are the girls at music festivals that have strong BO and drink too much, get all sloppy and droopy eyed, then wanna make out even though their breath smells like moose butt. And you’re that serious about your Indian headdress that you can’t even smile for the picture? It’d be one thing if these girls appeared to be having fun, or even poking fun at themselves. But that’s clearly not the case. I’d be scared to find blue dress in a dark alley and homegirl on the right’s hair looks like a two-year-old Jack-o-Lantern. Nothing sexy or feminine about these looks to me, but again, maybe I just don’t get it.

The Hipster, comprised of fishnets, plaid, converse, and a cross necklace.

Jackie Says: I like this style, however I think this look feels like a little bit of overkill. I kinda envy girls who can rock the 90s London grunge look, because it definitely takes a certain je ne sais quoi. This is what I wonder though — can you be bubbly and happy in this look? I feel like you have to take yourself super seriously, otherwise it comes of as a bit contrived. But that said, I like chicks who can pull off Chucks with just about everything, and a girl who can rock a top hat and fishnets during the day? Well, she is A-okay in my book.

Nick Says: The hipster thing really confuses me; I find it nearly impossible to discern when these people are being ironic or sincere. The cross around the neck? I’d love to hear her reasoning behind that one. I dig converse on girls, so I’m not gonna knock her there. She’s searching for cool but finding weird instead. It’s an awkward color that green and the hat’s a little silly. It’s just a lot of look, and I think a lot of look intimidates guys. Maybe it makes us think you’re a lot of girl, and maybe we don’t think we have the patience for someone with so much “look”. She’s stiff and unapproachable, random yet predictable. I see a lot of these girls in Silverlake, I saw a lot of them in Williamsburg. In their efforts to stand out, they actually blend in perfectly. Kill the hat, cut the hair, put on some jeans and a tank top, and stop taking yourself so seriously, then we’ll talk. Call me simple.

[Images via Lookbook.nu.]

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