J.Crew Champions The Backpack With E-Mail Blast

A tipster (who may or may not be my sister) forwarded us J.Crew’s e-mail newsletter from yesterday with the edited subject line, “Is that a RUCKSACK I see?????????????????”

Why yes, yes it is. And so, yet another milestone in The Great Backpack Comeback is achieved: an utterly beloved and insanely successful mass-market brand jumps on board.

Thank you, Jenna Lyons. We now love you even more.

PS. The awesome “Rumpled Sateen Backpack” is available for purchase here.

PPS. If you’re looking for more options, check out Refinery29’s suggestions here.

PPPS. If you need some rucksack inspiration, you can see how Mary-Kate Olsen and Rachel Bilson styled their knapsacks here and here, respectively.

PPPPS. And if you’re totally confused and wondering what on earth The Great Backpack Comeback is, either click that link or read my screed here.

PPPPPS. The Great Backpack Comeback is a joint effort between Huffington Post Style and Styleite. We will make this happen.

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