Karl Lagerfeld’s Masstige Line Will Buy Him Another 20 To 30 iPads

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld‘s much-anticipated “masstige” line will debut next year exclusively online, so naturally he had to go and talk about it at Europe’s biggest tech conference, Le Web.

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You don’t often see fashion designers at Le Web, but The Wall Street Journal reports that Lagerfeld and his many iPads were invited to the stage as keynote interviewees. During the interview, he showed the audience a sketch of Steve Jobs he’d done earlier in the day, then confessed to being “obsessed” with Apple products. Lagerfeld says he has 20 to 30 iPads that he carries with him at all times, using them for everything from filming videos to sketching designs. He even sketched a picture of himself (and who else?) while he was sitting on stage. (This, of course, sort of makes you wonder if he really only has four iPhones.)

Of course, Lagerfeld also promoted his new brand Karl, which will be sold through Net-a-Porter. Lagerfeld says he and the company’s founder Natalie Massenet will be the first to launch and market a brand entirely online. The clothes look a lot like better made versions of what we saw during his Macy’s Impulse collaboration — lots of high collars and straightforward fabrics. Once again, he seems to be trying to get as many people to dress like him as possible. Not that we mind.

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Prices start around $360 for a jacket, a far cry from the $4,000 and beyond you can spend on one of his Chanel jackets, but certainly not the most affordable thing ever. Still, we’re curious to see what the line looks like when it’s unveiled on January 25th, but you can get just a little taste of it from the video below. Watch:

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