Lady Gaga’s Metamorphic Face

At this point, the subject of Lady Gaga’s brilliant, bizarre, and baffling wardrobe has almost been exhausted. Or at least it’s no surprise that she is constantly surprising us. Predicting a Gaga outfit, I would even say, is like predicting the weather three years in advance. Maybe it’s for this very reason that the other day it struck me, in a flash, that I have no idea what Lady Gaga actually looks like. A friend joked around that Lady Gaga was sitting near our dinner table, which was indeed funny until I realized I might never know. Aside from the probably permanent gaggle of followers that surrounds her at all times, would I be able to spot Lady Gaga on the street, wearing jeans and a t-shirt (not that she would)? Could I describe her features? Do I have a mental image of her face the way I do for Beyoncé, Britney Spears, or even Pink? The answer, I think, is NO!

So here is a little slideshow showcasing the many faces (literally) of the Gaga. Sure, it could be the makeup, the head pieces, or the hair color. But call it whatever you want, the girl has a face that seems to change periodically. Am I right?

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