Let’s Bring Back The Rucksack!

My name is Verena, and I just bought a rucksack.

Don’t get me wrong; I love purses, particularly expensive ones. And I’ll happily admit: the bigger, the better. But I also like to carry my life around with me — at least 5 lip glosses, my jam-packed wallet, a makeup bag, spare pair of shoes, extra layers, you name it — and as a professional reader and writer of all things Internet-related, I bring my computer everywhere. I live in New York; I love to walk. I have an adorable dog named Dumbo and I like it when he walks with me.

And my brand new rucksack is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

I spent almost a year looking for one. I knew I wanted to be able to walk to and from work (30 blocks each way) with my dog, and I knew that carrying my 5 pound computer was going to cause me some seriously painful shoulder pain. So, I looked for a rucksack. But not some nerdy, personality-less JanSport one; if I was going to revert back to my 11-year-old, elementary school self, I was at least going to look cool doing it.

You know what? It’s really hard to find a cool rucksack. Like, really hard. They’re out there, but they’re expensive. eBay’s got some army rucksacks, but frameless ones for daily use are fairly few and far between. And there aren’t many brands out there doing a cool rucksack sort of thing. Which is why, when the awesome Anya Strzemien of Huffington Post Style who knew of my plight, emailed me to say that she’d found me a vintage Boy Scouts of America rucksack in a random junk shop upstate, I was literally ecstatic.

This is my awesome rucksack.

This is me wearing my awesome rucksack.

And this is someone complimenting me on my awesome rucksack — which, by the way, happens all the time. Seriously, people love my rucksack. I don’t blame them. I look pretty darn cool wearing it and the best part? The whole distribution of weight thing really works!

I can pack shoes, yoga clothes, magazines, my computer, too much makeup, an extra layer, and my unnecessarily large wallet in this bad boy, tromp around town, and not break a sweat. My shoulders feel great and I wake up unbelievably excited to walk to work. I cannot recommend my rucksack enough.

So here’s the deal. Let’s bring back the rucksack. We all know how supply and demand works. If consumers demand something, designers will supply it. Let’s band together, a troop of rucksack lovers, and save our shoulders from a painful fate.

You know you want one. Let’s make it happen.

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