Attention Job Seekers: Mediaite Is Here To Help!

In a slight departure from our regular, sartorially focused programming, we’d like to draw your attention to our big sister site Mediaite’s just launched Jobs Board, which is about to make both hiring and getting a job in media way, way, way easier.

Here’s the deal. Mediaite already reaches more than 5 million unique (and not to mention influential) visitors per month. For context, that makes Mediaite more than double the size of all the MediaBistro blogs and their job board combined. And, because we’re still in beta launch form, employers can post all listings for free. And if you need a few more selling points, you know know that the Mediaite Jobs Board allows you to only see the resumes of qualified jobseekers in your area and communicate with them without leaving the site. You know what that saves you? Time. Time and a whole lot of digging through poorly written emails and incorrectly formatted attachments. The best part? You can turn down an applicant with a single click. Genius.

And for those of you on the job hunting side, Mediaite will show you only the jobs that are relevant to you — which means you no longer have to read through every listing to sift out all the PR gigs when you dream of graphic design. Even better, you only have to enter your resume once and then you can tailor it to each job as you apply. Do you know how much time, effort, and confusion that will save? (Yes, that was a rhetorical question.)

So, while we love that you love whiling away your unemployment reading Styleite, get on over to the Jobs Board now. You’re welcome.

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