Meet the ‘Stuffers’ Trading Thigh Gaps for Quarts of Heavy Cream

While most of us the most annoying of us use Instagram to document our juice cleanses and fake macaron binges, Vocativ has documented a “burgeoning counterculture” of young women are utilizing social media in a very different way. Professional “stuffers” are people who feel a sexual desire to lose their thigh gaps in favor of boobs, rolls, and bellies. They didn’t just eat that, they followed it up with a dozen donuts in the same sitting.

It’s the only way Crystal, who started out at 157 pounds before stuffing her way up to 275. But carb-loading alone won’t cut it if you’re “cursed” with a quick metabolism. “I keep nonperishable food by my bed and make sure that every time I wake up in the night, I eat something,” she writes in her blog. “And I drink anywhere from a quart to multiple quarts a day of heavy cream. Luckily, I am able to handle it.” Gainers are clearly not here for your fake dairy intolerance.

Stuffing is officially(?) recognized as a fetish, and there are hundreds of forums, subreddits, and YouTube channels where participants can turn to for both support and sexual gratification. The YouTube videos are weirdly mesmerizing, often just showing a woman caressing her sated belly for minutes on end. Dr. Gloria Brame, author of Sex for Grownups and a sexologist who specializes in fetishes, says people have always had erotic relationships to food and gut girth:

“Many of us do risky things with our bodies, and nobody complains about it unless it involves sex,” she says. “A lot of people feel they are at their most beautiful when they are fat. They like being Rubenesque, and it turns them on, too.”

Jenny, a 20-year-old stuffer and college student, agrees she’s definitely more comfortable in her chubbier body. But stuffing differs from BBW porn and squashing in that it’s as much about the journey as it is the end result. It’s also interesting that these are not women doing it to make money from men with fat fetishes, but average college girls just doin’ them as you do you.

If you’re intrigued, just remember to save room for the doc to feed you some facts. “We aren’t idiots. Gainers like myself go to the doctor like anyone else,” says Jenny. “I gain weight not by inhaling Twinkies, but by eating larger portions of the same foods anyone else eats. We have a sexual urge to be fat, but we also have the common sense to listen to a doctor.” Which is more than I can say for some juice fanatics.


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