How The Mighty Have Fallen: Mischa Barton

Mischa, Mischa, Mischa. What can we say?

Once upon a time, we’d tune into the O.C. obsessively every week and crave your media mentions so that we could drool over your outfits. Chanel and Chloe were regulars of your wardrobe. You looked impeccable, clean, and put together — even when you were sporting your more casual L.A. look. On and off screen, we wanted to be you. And now there’s this.

First, let’s address the midriff. I don’t care if you’re rail thin — it’s not about weight. That much skin is not okay. Besides, it’s only March! How hot could it be outside? There was no conceivable reason that you had to wear a floral button-down tied in a knot, exposing both your black bra and your stomach, ribcage to waist line.

Then there are the pants. They could use a boost of color; I’m not sure if at one point they were a bright, sunny yellow and were simply washed too many times, or whether you bought them knowing they look like a pale banana. And we can’t mention the pants without mentioning the red heels which, besides looking worn, are the wrong color for 100 reasons.

Mischa, what were you thinking?

We miss you — the old you. May we suggest giving your still well-dressed former co-star Rachel Bilson a call?

We’ll be waiting.


Mischa during her better days…

(We kindly ask that you please play the song “Memories” while viewing these photos to get the full effect.)

Mischa knew how to do yellow in September of 2006

Mischa in October, 2008

Mischa in September, 2008

Mischa in May, 2007

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