Q&A: What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

I just got invited last minute to a daytime semi-formal wedding at a country club. What do I wear? It’s going to be outside and hot so I don’t want to be a sweaty mess but nor do I want to be a hooch!

I hate when weddings sneak up on you like that. There are a few details you left out of this equation. Namely, who are you going with (and are you trying to sleep with them)? And secondly, what is the couple like? Is this a Zooey Deschanel/Ben Gibbard hipster hoedown wedding? Or bedazzled Juicy sweat suit wedding a la Britney Spears? DETAILS please.

Because I don’t have this crucial information, I will send some recommendations your way for a plethora of circumstances. First up, if this is a meet-the-parents, Stepford wife-ish occasion (which I find most weddings to be), then I would opt for something conservative like this wave bodice dress from J.Crew. While you might not feel uber stylish, you will feel comfortable among the sea of Jessica McClintock-clad trophy wives. Also you could opt for this swing dress from TopShop — just be sure to pair it with a colored cardigan because no one wants to be overbearingly in white. That is a gutsy move and the bride might claw your eyes out.

Next, if it is a hipper, younger couple, I would opt for something a bit more fun (still toned down, though, as to not upstage anyone). I love this long maxi dress from J.Crew as well as this sailor-inspired dress from TopShop.

The key to wedding dressing success is to go with muted colors, keep the cut simple, and don’t try to outshine or show off your stylish self. While I realize this is hard and seems somewhat trite it will (at the end of the day) reflect your good taste, I promise. If it turns out to be a total bust, head straight to that open bar to cool down. Just don’t be this girl:

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