Sarah Jessica Parker: Style Icon Through The Years

With Sex and the City 2 opening in theaters this month (less than 10 days, people!), I thought what better time to pay homage to the fashion greatness that is SJP and revisit some of her most memorable looks along the way?

From the wide-eyed girl playing Annie on the Broadway stage, to the unforgettable sex columnist known as Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker has grown and evolved into one of this country’s most noteworthy style icons through her on-screen roles and off-screen life. Her influence and impact span generations, and her fashion choices continue to delight and surprise us with each Manolo-clad step she takes.

SJP has built a career for herself that focuses as much on her fashion as on her acting; we tune into award shows and head to theaters not only to support her latest roles, but also to catch a glimpse of what profound –- dare we say, crazy? –- ensemble Parker will don next. It is this thrill of surprising, unexpected and avant-garde approach to fashion that elevates SJP to legendary style status, and these unique takes on style that compel even the most celebrity-jaded girl to avidly and eagerly look to what SJP will do next.

Yes, SJP has had her share of spots on “worst-dressed” lists (which, frankly, I find no merit in) and sometimes her fashion choices are a little- – or a lot –- ahead of their time; but it’s these ambitious choices and confident approaches that position Parker at the top of my, and millions of others’, sartorial icon list.

And although this sequel to the movie that caused such a frenzy two years ago was a bit expected and perhaps something I wasn’t too thrilled about seeing come to fruition, I can’t think of one twenty-something – or thirty-something, or forty-something – girl that isn’t anticipating, with sheer giddiness, the amazing fashion that is synonymous with SATC.

So let’s bring it all back to the core of what we love most about this style maven – her fashion. We’re taking a walk down fashion memory lane and revisiting some of the most unforgettable, noteworthy, game-changing looks of fashion frontrunner, Sarah Jessica Parker (with a little Carrie mixed in, too).

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