PHOTOS: SATC 2 Premieres With A Not-So-Well Dressed Cast

Let’s face it. At least half of the reason we love Sex and the City so much are the wardrobes of our favorite Fab Four. For the past decade, Patricia Field has dressed the ladies to the nines for their characters, so much so that it often feels as though Sarah Jessica is Carrie, Cynthia is Miranda, Kim is Samantha, and is Kristin is Charlotte.

But at last night’s New York City world premiere for the wildly anticipated Sex and the City 2, the actresses proved their distance from their character’s fashion savviness. With the exception of Sarah Jessica Parker, who — whether we love her outfits or hate them — always turns heads, the leading ladies looked boring and matronly.

The Best Dressed Award goes to the great SJP, although even this dress didn’t send me into the fashion-coma I was hoping for. The side ruching and single strap cutout top are flattering for the petite actress. I always appreciate an interesting color choice, and her highlighter yellow dress was a refreshing breath of air, but those shoes? Sort of boring. It’s May! Maybe a sandal or at the very least a peep toe was in order? Especially with such a summery dress.

Cynthia Nixon wore a simple black strapless dress with a leaf detail. I’m all for a simple black dress, but this one fit poorly and had some odd and cheap-looking linear detailing. The train seemed to just hang out in the back, rather than add elegance and glamour, and the bunching in the front of the dress distracted from the ensemble’s more desirable attributes. Love the earrings and the hair, but want to remind Cynthia that there is a difference between Old Hollywood Glamour (what we think she was aiming for) and just old.

Oh Kristin. I can usually count on her to throw on a good cocktail dress. What happened here? Again, kudos for wearing a color — even if that color is Pepto Bismol pink — but with the exception of her bejeweled clutch, the outfit was one huge miss. Strapless, side rushing, that piece of fabric hanging out from the right hip; it’s all wrong. Kristin is a tiny woman and this dress makes her look like she took a curtain and wrapped it around herself.

We can always expect Kim Cattrall to bring a little sexiness to the red carpet. But while her dress last night may have been low cut, it was a far cry from what we’d want to see Cattrall in. The color was washed out and the sunflower detailing was matronly — not to mention the the embroidered floral bag which didn’t really help matters.

But let’s bring it back to where it all originated: Candice Bushnell, the inspiration and writer behind Sex and the City. I can’t deny that her outfit is a bit, well, wackadoo, but at least she dressed like she was at a Sex and the City premiere. The skirt is a bit dated and the accessories seemed a bit mismatched but I loved the sheer camisole with its yellow collar and crystal detailing (Miu Miu, is that you?). Props to you, Candice. You actually look like Carrie.

Okay! Okay! We know she’s not in the cast. But we also know that we have an unhealthy obsession with Whitney Port. But just look at her. I love the juxtaposition of the fitted upper bodice and the voluminous bottom. And her choice to pair a girly party dress with rockstar badass heels? Love it. Only complaint to our dear Whit would be her choice of jewelry, which erred on the side of cheesy.

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