Shopping Tips For The Tiny-Toed (And Other Style Quandaries)

Where do I get size 5 shoes that are cute?

What kind of adorable midget are you!? Oh I kid, I kid. I have known many ladies who have struggled with finding cute — this being the key word — shoes in size 5. Unfortunately, a lot of companies have stopped producing size 5 shoes because there is such a small (no pun intended) audience — which makes it not worth the production costs. So you know what this means: you adorable tiny-toed ladies need to take to the streets and dedicate yourself to the cause! That said, I know you’re busy — so in the meantime, we have found that ALDO, Nine West and Nordstrom all tend to carry size 5. Also, shoe shopping site let’s you search by size which will save you loads and loads of precious time!

Then there is the pièce de résistance! Giordano’s in NYC is a shop — and catalog, so old school! — that only carries size 4-5 1/2 designer shoes. From Christian Lacroix to Pucci, they love your tiny little feet!

What shoes can men wear with a black shirt and jacket — or even a suit, that aren’t as casual as sneakers but not as dressy as black loafers?

There are very few guys who can pull off the Tom Ford suit with a pair of ratty Chucks but when they do, it looks super hot. However, for the other 95% of you, there are tons of options!

First up is the faux fancy sneaker. I kinda love these — they are basically a black loafer disguised as a trainer. Genius! Those Brits don’t mess around. Another option is the fancified boat shoe. The black leather Sperry Topsider may be one of your dad’s favorites, but it’s making a “It’s vintage!” comeback in a big way. TOPMAN has been experimenting with the boat shoe x trainer mash up and here is the result. They are a little crazy but if you have the ability to roll with it, we say: Roll, baby, roll! Another preppier option is the canvas shoe, like these Fred Perry Grey Coxson flats or the Keds Blue Chambray Chukka. Or you could go totally crazy and get these woven leather loafers because they are the perfect combination of formal and fun! Kinda like a mullet, business in the front and party in the back!

Leave your questions for next week in the comments, or e-mail them to And remember, there’s nothing this lady can’t answer!

[Image courtesy of Eva K. Salvi.]


Jaclyn Johnson is a Los Angeles-based style blogger and freelance marketing consultant. She currently blogs at You can learn more about her at

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