Tame The Walk Of Shame With 5 Morning After Essentials

On the list of things that really, really suck, the walk of shame is right up there with a colonoscopy: embarrassing, slightly painful, and after it’s done you swear, “Never, ever again.” (Right.) But unfortunately, despite our best efforts to adhere to Mr. Blasberg’s codes o’ classiness, they do occur.

So, how to avoid pulling a Mischa (we cringe) and keep from horrifying the Sunday morning brunch set by emerging like a tragic still-drunk-from-last-night mess? Think: Smeared red lipstick, wrinkled dress, gnarled hair, and worst of all, those 4-inch stilettos. Fret not. We’ve got a few stow-and-go essentials that will make that walk a whole heck of a lot less shameful.

At least until you see all those, “What happened to you last night?” text messages. Because as they say, an ounce of prevention…

Clockwise from left:

1. Vapur Anti-Bottle Collapsable Water Bottle: We know you’re probably going to be super-dehydrated and the last thing you want is an unfortunate run in at the corner deli. Cover totally blown!  So instead we suggest B.Y.O.-ing this reusable, flexible water bottle.

2. Black Oversized Status Sunglasses by Grey Ant: Oversized sunnies black are pretty much a hot mess staple. Not only do they hide the raccoon eyes, blotchy skin and puffy pallor; but they do it in a way that’s more Audrey Hepburn than Audrey O’Day.

3. Help! I Have a Headache: Again, we’re trying to minimize any awkward run-ins, so we’re pro pack ahead. This cute little curative kit contains 16 pills, each with 500mgs acetaminophen that is easy on stomachs and contains the fewest possible fillers, coatings, and dyes.

4. Fit in Clouds Fold Up Ballet Flats: Nothing says walk of shame quite like an A.M. emergence that includes a pair of 5-inch stilettos. Enter Fit in Clouds fold up flats. Cute and comfy, these pretty portable shoes go from your purse to your feet in seconds, making it a lot easier to slip out the door without making a sound.

5. Love Quotes’s Linen Lurex Scarf: In case of any auspicious neck markings, a scarf is always a handy coverup. This gauzy pink number is a perfect pack-able weight and measures an enormous 70″ by 35″ wide–which means that if you happen to be wearing something slightly less than daytime appropriate, brunching mothers won’t have to shield innocent little eyes.

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