Q&A: Work Clothes And The Right Way To Wear Summer Shorts

I love fashion, but I work in an industry that requires professional dress, not necessarily, a suit but something of that caliber. Thoughts? Inspiration?

Professional dress? What is that like? Certainly not like the time I wore black sweatpants to work for four days straight by accessorizing strategically.

Who says fashion is easy? Though I understand this dilemma, you are in an industry in which you need to be taken seriously. Wearing things like a flesh-tone body suit would be frowned upon. Well, Gaga got one thing right when she paired her flesh-toned body suit with a blazer. Blazers instantly provide that ‘you can trust me with your money and/or life’ vibe, so invest in a good one (or invest in several cheap ones as they might get worn out quickly).

I love the summer shorts look, but I have muscular legs and therefore struggle to find a good pair of shorts that doesn’t death grip my thigh. Suggestions?

I can’t think of anything worse than a death grip on your thighs — well, perhaps international warfare. No, I think a thigh death grip is potentially worse. I hear your pain sister! It seems that shorts were designed for the ladies whose thighs don’t touch — again, what is that like?

The trick of this is to look for words like pleated (gasp!), paper-bag waist, or boy cut. The pleated variety are making a bit of a comeback and are super flattering. And paper-bag waist shorts are super adorable and flattering because they are usually high-waisted and have wider legs.

I am also totally obsessed with the ‘ladies wearing cargos’ trend. I personally feel like I cannot pull this trend off without looking like your kid brother (which is never good) but I have seen some ladies rocking it and it is hot, hot, hot. I think the key is to pair your looser-fitting boy cuts with an ultra feminine top. Life is all about balance.

[Blazer by Rick Owens, Shorts by Forever 21]

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